BAQ Technology

Business Assessment Questionnaire – Technology

    Is there someone who handles your IT for you who would be better answering IT questions?

    If so who?

    How many computer work stations do you have?

    What operating system(s) do you use on the work stations?

    Do you have any servers?

    a. If so, how many are: In-house , Co-located , Hosted ?

    b. If so, what does each do? 1. 2. 3.

    Do you have Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) on every workstation and server?

    If no, do you use surge protectors (not power strips)?

    Do you plug your monitors and peripherals into the surge protectors or UPS?

    Please provide the name of your Internet service provider (ISP):


    Do you have an automated backup system?

    Do you remove backups from the premises regularly?

    Have you tested your back up system by attempting to restore files?

    What email program do you use?

    Do you have a need to save emails and/or instant messages?

    Do you use cloud services?

    a. If so, what are they?


    What anti-virus software(s) do you use?

    What other software is installed?





    Are software updates including virus definitions automatic?

    Do you use “point of sale” (POS) system?

    If so, what one?

    Does your business need high computing power for graphics?

    Does your business need high computing power for accounting and/or database management?

    Does your business need a solution where clients/customers can share documents?

    Does your business need a way to sign documents online?

    Do you need to access your computer(s) and/or network remotely?

    Does your business use special peripherals?

    If so, what kind?

    Do you have a fax machine?

    Do you forward faxes to your computer?

    Do you use an I-pad and/or smart phone in your business?

    Do you regularly change passwords?

    Are your passwords comprised of various types of characters (alpha, numeric, symbols)?

    Do you keep passwords on “cheat sheets” near your desk?

    How many years of experience do you have using computers?

    What security have you implemented?

    Name 3 sources where you acquire your technology? 1.



    Who maintains operation and care of hardware and software?

    Do you have a budget for computer maintenance and upgrades?

    Would you benefit from live video like Skype?

    Note that #1 means you strongly agree,

    #2 means you somewhat agree,

    #3 means you neither agree nor disagree,

    #4 means you somewhat disagree and

    #5 means you strongly disagree.

    Our tech infrastructure is strong

    We’re always on the lookout for new technology

    We supply our staff with the best technology available

    I am constantly challenged by new technology

    I believe nationally branded computers are better than local custom builds