BAQ Operations

Business Assessment Questionnaire – Operations

    Do you use Client/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software?

    a. If so, what software do you use?

    Does the company assign responsibility for action plan implementation to a person or a team?

    Are employees held accountable to follow written processes?

    Do you have a clean, clutter-free facility?

    Do you perform regular inspections for cleanliness, safety, mechanical/physical issues?

    Are the business’ supplies, merchandise, and other materials available from several suppliers?

    Does the business have all the necessary equipment?

    Will you need to add or update any equipment?

    Will you need to add or update any equipment?

    a. If so, what equipment and at what cost? [text text-op-11

    Are sufficient resources allocated for implementation of the business plan? [radio radio-op-12 use_label_element "Yes" "No"]

    Do you have a quality control program?

    Do you use any online or “cloud” services?

    a. If so, what are they?

    Do you take time off or vacations for a week or more regularly?

    Note that #1 means you strongly agree,

    #2 means you somewhat agree,

    #3 means you neither agree nor disagree,

    #4 means you somewhat disagree and

    #5 means you strongly disagree.

    Each of our employees know what he/she is expected to do

    Each of our employees know his/her authority and responsibilities

    Each of our employees know how his/her performance affects other employees and customers

    Our employees know how other employees and customers affect his/her performance

    Each of our employees know how well he/she is doing on job performance

    We have streamlined business processes that are as effective and efficient as possible

    Our business processes minimize / eliminate drudgery and wasted effort

    My business processes are designed to handle most routine matters

    My staff knows how to handle most emergency matters

    All employees follow safety rules; operates equipment properly; maintains safety equipment; understands OSHA rules and regulations

    Our business processes are well defined

    We have a process to determine the resources for our key priorities

    All business processes have been documented and/or flow charted for the company operations manual

    The operations manual is frequently reviewed and updated

    The operations manual is used in training new employees

    Employees know where to find the operations manual and are encouraged to use it

    Employees are held accountable to follow written processes

    We have current software and systems compatible with our processes

    We strive to keep our processes efficient and simple

    If I were to take a three month world cruise, the business would continue to grow in my absence

    We spend more time on improving business systems than in doing routine tasks or dealing with crisis situations