BAQ Online Marketing

Business Assessment Questionnaire – Online Marketing

    Do you have a website?

    Are you satisfied with the look and feel of your website?

    Are you satisfied with the effectiveness of your website?

    Do you monitor your website with analytics?

    Have you defined the key word terms that customers are using to locate your business?

    Do you have testimonials on your website?

    Have you incorporated video into your website?

    Do you have a plan in place for developing backlinks (links on others’ websites to your website)?

    Do you have an automated method to respond to visitors to your website?

    Does your website appear on the first page of Google for any keywords?

    If so, what are the keywords?

    Is your company listed on major directory sites such as Google Places, Yelp, etc.?

    Do you have a strong presence in local search and directory sites?

    Are there visible ratings and reviews of your company in local search and directory sites?

    Is your site optimized for conversion (from guest to opt-in to customer)?

    Are you using any pay-per-click text or display advertising?

    Do you use your website to capture new leads from the Internet?

    If yes, do your web leads enter your CRM automatically?

    Do you follow up on leads with auto-responding email and/or text campaigns?

    On landing pages, are you providing offering(s) that are sufficiently attractive for prospects to engage?

    Does your website have a blog?

    Do you create content that is interesting enough for people to share?

    Does your website need merchant services to sell online?

    Do you market through mobile phones?

    If so, do you have a mobile-optimized site?

    Do you use the signature function in your email software to provide disclaimers and contact information?

    If so, do you also include links to Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter?

    Do you send out digital newsletters or mass emails?

    Note that #1 means you strongly agree,

    #2 means you somewhat agree,

    #3 means you neither agree nor disagree,

    #4 means you somewhat disagree and

    #5 means you strongly disagree.

    I hate spam so I won’t send out mass emails

    Online marketing is a fad

    I have a web page and that’s enough for now

    My business is not a good fit for online marketing

    Visitors to our website receive the information they are searching for

    Our website traffic, time spent on site and conversion rate are high

    Our website bounce rate is low

    We calculate return on digital marketing dollars spent

    We are prepared to accept and deal with negative commentary about our business