BAQ Marketing

Business Assessment Questionnaire – Marketing

    Do you have a written Marketing Plan?

    Do you have a logo?

    Do you have a recognizable brand?

    Do you have a strategy for your company’s brand that includes both digital and traditional tactics?

    Do you have a tag line?

    a. If yes, what is it?

    Do you currently advertise to promote your business?

    a. If so, how do you advertise?

    Do you use promotional items like pens, mugs, shirts, hats, magnets, calendars?

    Name three ways you are better than your competition:




    Do you apply your logo and name to consistent design standards everywhere?

    Do you track the advertising response by source and cost per lead?

    Do you have a written "unique selling position" (USP) that all staff know and understand?

    a. If so, what is it?

    Do you have an individual in your organization designated for marketing?

    Do you have a customer referral program in place?

    Do you use contact relationship management software like Act or Goldmine?

    a. If so, which one?

    Do you have an annual budget for marketing?

    If so, how much for each of the last 3 years?

    ...last year?

    ...year before last?

    ...3 years ago?

    Do you have a marketing calendar that specifies activities for the entire year?

    Do you know the demographics of your market?

    Do you know the profile of your target customer(s)?

    Do you have any sales promotions planned?

    Do you have any publicity campaigns planned?

    How many customers does the business serve on a regular basis? per

    Who makes up the market for this business?

    Where are your customers located?

    Do they come from: ?

    Does the business have exclusive rights to market any particular products or services?

    If so, how has it obtained this exclusively?

    Are any of the business' products in danger of becoming obsolete or of going out of style?

    Is it a "fad" business?

    Do you have a lead generation system that you consistently follow?

    Do you have a list of references, such as past clients/customers & suppliers?

    What percentage of your business is derived from:

    one time customers

    repeat customers ?

    Do you use coupons, discounts or rebates?

    If so, describe:

    Do you offer any “freebies?”

    If so, what?

    Provide the web addresses of your three closest competitors.




    What other products and services do your customers use in lieu of, or in tandem with, your products and/or services?

    What is the average number of times a customer purchases from you over a 12 month period?

    How long does the average customer continue to purchase from you?

    Do you gather and analyze data about market and other external factors which affect your business?

    If so, does the analysis include geographic, demographic and/or psychographic data?

    How do you get information about your industry, the cost and availability of capital, government regulations and the economy and how it affects your business?

    What other products and services do your customers use in lieu of, or in tandem with, your products and/or services?

    Within your industry, are there:

    a. new competitors

    b. new concepts

    c. new technologies

    d. new procurement practices

    e. new price trends

    f. new products or services

    If yes to any a –f, then explain

    How does your business take pricing/ promotion, market expansion, and market segmentation into consideration?

    Do you belong to any face-to-face networking groups?

    If so, which ones?

    Note that #1 means you strongly agree,

    #2 means you somewhat agree,

    #3 means you neither agree nor disagree,

    #4 means you somewhat disagree and

    #5 means you strongly disagree.

    We have a written marketing plan and refer to it regularly when planning and setting goals

    We track every lead and know the marketing source for the lead

    I know and can verbalize our unique competitive advantage

    We have a clearly defined target market

    We have a clear marketing message that speaks directly to our target market

    We always have multiple marketing strategies at work

    Our marketing message is consistent

    We track the effectiveness of every marketing campaign

    We regularly communicate with current and past customers

    We are always testing new ways to communicate about our products/services

    We are “ahead of the game” compared to our competition

    I am the marketing department