BAQ General

Business Assessment Questionnaire – General








    Has business operated continuously since then?

    Business Type:

    Business is Operated: Months/year

    Business Type:

    Your Legal Structure:

    Your Legal Structure:

    Are you the only owner of this business?

    If no, who are the other owners and their titles?

    Are Your Sales

    Are Your Profits

    Are Your Receivables

    Are Your Payables

    Is Your Inventory

    Is Your Customer Count

    Is/are Your Market(s)

    Is Your Industry

    Is Your Competition

    Is Your # of Repeat Customers

    Are Your Customer Complaints

    Is your growth potential

    Do you have a written business plan? ...Is it current?

    Do you have written cash flow projections? ...Are they current?

    Do you have a written marketing strategy? ...Is it current?

    Do calculate your business ratios? ...How often?

    Do use a: Business Coach/Consultant ...If so, how often?

    Public Business Counseling ...If so, how often?

    An Attorney ...If so, how often?

    CPA, Enrolled Agent or accountant ...If so, how often?

    Do you have an "Exit strategy" for your business?

    Do you keep information on your competitors?

    Where do you get this information?

    Have you ever failed at, or closed a business you owned?

    Have you ever sold a business you owned?

    Do you want to expand or diversify your business?

    Are you attempting to save your business from failure?

    Do you want to sell your business?

    If so, is it ready for sale?

    Do you attend business courses, training, seminars, etc?

    Are you with the responsibility of running a business?

    Are you an owner of any other business(es)?

    a. If yes, what are the names of the other businesses?

    b. If yes, are there additional owners?

    c. If yes, who are the other owners and their titles?

    Are you an officer or director of any organization not mentioned yet including any non-profits?
    If yes, what organization(s)?