BAQ Finance

Business Assessment Questionnaire – Finance

    Your credit rating (score) is:

    Do you have a ?

    Do you use credit cards to finance your business?

    If yes, at what % interest?

    Have you borrowed money from family and friends to run your business?

    Have you used equity investors to fund your business (Angel or VC)

    Do you currently qualify for business loans?

    Do you carry a line-of-credit for your business?

    Have you been turned down for a loan or line-of-credit?

    Do you have sufficient funds to operate your business?

    Are you running out of funds to operate your business?

    Are you current with your tax payments?

    Are you current with your accounts payable?

    Have you ever borrowed money from private individuals?

    Do you offer financing options?

    Do you review year-end financial statements for the business?

    What is the dollar size of the business accounts that are past due?

    How much does your business write off each year for bad debts?

    Note that #1 means you strongly agree,

    #2 means you somewhat agree,

    #3 means you neither agree nor disagree,

    #4 means you somewhat disagree and

    #5 means you strongly disagree.

    We have an adequate line of credit

    We consistently maintain a positive cash flow

    In the event of my untimely death or disability, the business has sufficient liquidity, or there is sufficient “key man” life insurance to satisfy debts or other financial obligations for which I am responsible

    I always need more money